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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
to have to be careful with prospective dates in not painting myself as a whore if I want sex on the first date.
In my observations, the derogatory attitude that is displayed towards women who are more free with their sexuality often comes form other women more then men. I hear guys say a women "is easy" in a much less negative tone than I hear women say "she is a slut or skank". The basis for this negativity, I sometimes feel, is derived from feeling threatened or jealous. On the flip side, men seem to be ok with engaging in casual relationships with women who are sexully more giving but are often hesitant to commit to them in a life pairing/raise your kids sort of way. Obviously a lot of this has to do with conditioned monogamy and the values outwardly held up by most modern societies (I say ouwardly because people are often much different behind closed doors )

Despite being surrounded by very sexually open people in our community I am not really sure if this is getting any better beyond it's borders. My old community upholds much of the standard responses to sexual freedom especially towards women; Guys are at the mercy of their uncontrollable dicks and women are sluts by choice. It's almost as if males are given more tolerance because they are sexually weaker..women should know better.

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