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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Hopefully this question will come out with the same genuine respect and curiousity it is indended to convey...

Why did you pick the title of this thread? Do you personally feel judged or supressed in regards to sex?
I won't answer for Mags, but I personally feel that all I have to do is look around at the mass media and see that sex is generally judged in society as something that is not sacred and it does feel oppressive at times. Just the fact that prostitution, a profession where a woman can support herself independently and be in control of her sexuality, has become something illegal where a prostitute is abused and controlled by a disrespectful pimp and treated like dirt, taking place in some sleazy crappy hotel or something, and not a temple where the prostitute's gifts are considered a holy blessing, says that mainstream society has long viewed sex as something unwholesome and filthy. That bugs me. I sometimes wish I could go out and make money fucking (in a sacred, reverent way, like when a holistic healer charges for their services) without being rejected by society or seeing such a thing being sensationalized and vilified in the press.

I also find it tiresome sometimes, on the dating scene nowadays (especially being a "child of the 70s"), to have to be careful with prospective dates in not painting myself as a whore if I want sex on the first date. And I often do!
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