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Ah, the best way to get over one man is to get under a new one.

No, seriously, sex can cure a broken heart. I think society views 'rebound fucks' as something very negative indeed, as if you are a mistaking a substitute for the real deal and end up hurting yourself and everyone else in the process. But hey, few people feel super-sexually confident after just discovering that their partner doesn't desire them that way anymore.

Which is better; stay home and mope, play some sappy love songs and wonder if it's in fact been so long the last time you did it that human mating behavior might have changed drastically in the meanwhile; or to go out there, finding someone who feels the need to connect as deeply as you do, and then do some of the connecting.

I think someone with a healthy self-esteem and a deep enjoyment of sex for the sake of sex instead of sex as a source of self-validation is much better equipped for casual things as well as relationships in general. Maybe it is about general connectedness with your feelings and being able to connect with others.

There was a guy in the telly complaining he wasn't getting any (he was 31 and had had 6 sexual partners, not counting the paid contacts, so him 'not getting any' can be debated). We talked with a neighbor about this and she said that 'I can't imagine what all these guys are whining about. Like, honestly, there are women out there who are up for good casual sex as much as any guy. If you take care of you personal hygiene, are reasonably polite and don't have too high standards for your level, you should be able to find what you need.'

I think this guy's problem was that he oozed hostility and resentment towards women. I sometimes fancy I can say if a guy generally just loves women, not only as potential mates and fucks but in general, if he just enjoys feminine company. I bet those guys have much higher incidence of getting some than the ones like the guy in the telly.
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