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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Funny that you started this thread, Mags. I was recently telling a friend that through the years I have often thought of myself as a sort of reincarnation of a temple prostitute, in the best sense of the word.
Cindie, we are two peas in a pod. I have the same feelings. And i hate that we need to use the word "prostitute" for this kind of sexual healer. I am quite sure many high class um, hookers, and courtesans from the past were actually sexual healers, not just in it for the money, but for the yummy feelings and bonding only sex can bring.

Pro/stitute= for money. Sex is so good, many sex workers admit they are just getting paid for doing what they enjoy most (which is the definition of a perfect job, no?) . My gf knows I love it so much and am so good at it, she's often joked about "whoring me out."

I've also sexually healed men in short term relationships. Started their healing anyway, by providing an open heart and cunt, and expression of self care-taking, which they then go on to further explore in other sexual or love relationships, and/or more traditional therapy.

Maybe the patriarchal view of sex as dirty having been held for so many generations is another contributing factor to post-traumatic stress syndrome. Imagine all the soldiers with PTSD going to see a skilled sex worker instead of a shrink!
Funny you'd mention the military. Surely millions of frightened soldiers, facing death, missing loved ones, have found comfort in the arms and pussy of a sex worker. Much more comfort being embraced in the arms of a willing "stranger" (goddess) than in a quick furtive wank.

And in one review of Sex at Dawn, it is mentioned:

When we think of the first swinger parties most of us imagine 1970s counter-culture, we don't picture Top Gun fighter pilots in World War II. Yet, according to researchers Joan and Dwight Dixon, it was on military bases that "partner swapping" first originated in the United States. As the group with the highest casualty rate during the war, these elite pilots and their wives "shared each other as a kind of tribal bonding ritual" and had an unspoken agreement to care for one another if a woman's husband didn't make it back home. Like the sexy apes known as bonobos, this kind of open sexuality served a social function that provided a way to relieve stress and form long-lasting bonds.
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