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Originally Posted by Reptigal View Post
R is supposed to be visiting us next work on music stuff. I want to write out some conditions I have for them and confront them over everything. I want to lay down everything I feel I have a right to thank to you all.

I also want to direct my fiancee to this forum b/c if he thinks this is what he wants then he better start doing some reading...I'm not going to be responsible for everything and I really think that he needs to take some action and proving whether or not this is what he wants.
All good ideas... start writing. And get him to join us we don't bite. We know there is always two sides to everything. It sounds like he might benefit from some heads up on some things....

I would wonder how much of this is musically related.... "yay, something to share with someone that my girlfriend, whom I hardly see because shes at work, doesn't enjoy as much as me!....I'm so in love with this other woman because she gets my music and we make beautiful music together....."


wonder how much of this is going through his mind. The fact that they just released something together is like their love child. How many popular musicians do you know that went through this same thing? Music is awesome, and so is on line romance with glimpses of the person in between, but it isn't real life.... taking the garbage out, dishes and laundry and STILL loving the person you are with is real life. Maybe this should all just slow down... to answer your question, until some stuff is sorted out as to "why" this has happened off the top of his head.

Sounds like a bit of a fantasy to me. If you were all good before she came along I would really look at what he thinks he is missing in his life before diving in to a relationship with this woman. That is kind of what you do AFTER you work out your shit with the person you are with.
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