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Originally Posted by amandaebo View Post
I want to ask my boyfriend if he would consider a triad relationship and maybe let her move in with us, do u think he would be ok with this?? How could I ask him?? I just worried that he will be angry because I am falling in love with someone else?
I think just telling him you are in love with her and fessing up to the manipulation of the situation that started with you cheating on him would be a good bet. Maybe you already have?

The fact of the matter is that you have made this all happen so far and there seems to be some need for things to settle. You are in NRE it seems, and are having a good time. That is awesome, but NRE ends and stuff starts to arise out of that that might not of been evident before then. It might end with you telling him the story of what happened,,,, but it sounds unlikely. He sounds like he might be okay with what happened between the two of you women.

Still, he seems to not know and that is not a good place to start a triad from at the beginning of something. Also not a good thing to repeat in the future I don't think. You are fortunate that this worked out so far... it could of gone VERY wrong.... and he could of been very hurt. Better talk about all that before thinking that your success is what always happens.

The other part is her moving in.... wait I say. There is no rush. As I said, you are in NRE and that settles... if at such time you feel that your lives out side of the bedroom would work together and that you will all have adequate time with each other separately then maybe then it might be something to look at. It seems to me that is is far too early yet.

I can't tell you if he will be angry. That remains to be seen. He could be just having a great ol' time getting off on having two women in bed, or he could genuinely love the idea of poly.... which boils down to other stuff in relationships when all is said and done. Not the sex. I don't know and neither do you until you talk to him and her separately and together.
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