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Default I long for the days when sex was so sacred...

I long for the days when sex was so sacred... the only word for prostitute was "holy one."

This is evidenced in the Bible, of which I have made an exhaustive study. There are references in the books from the 7th century BC about how the Levites (Judaean nobility), patriarchal men who worshiped a male god (Yahweh), fought to remove the Goddess Asherah's image from the Jewish temple, and also fought to have her priests and priestesses (sex workers, qudesha and qudeshim, or holy ones) removed from their homes there, and therefore unable to perform their duties to the goddess, to have sex with people who came to them to worship Asherah and her consort Yahweh in this fashion.

The complete takeover of our planet by the patriarchal concept has made sex, and "infidelity" seem dirty and somehow wrong. Even amongst poly people here, I see relationships based mostly or only on sex all too often as being made out to be dirty and somehow lesser than, a full on, all or nothing totally committed relationship.
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