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It's always just been sex with these chicks. We have a very healthy sex life and relationship. I have 2 kids and he loves me and the kids to death. We do things as a typical family would do. We don't live together, but are always together most of the time. He doesn't have sex with chicks very often. I am very jealous and have been told by others to just calm down and that he loves me. We had a long talk last night. I told him yeah I am hurt when he is with these other chicks, but if I knew he truly loved me and I was the important one and not them it would be alot easier for me. I am hoping after that talk things with turn for the better. We go out on occasions but spend alot of time at home. I get jealous that he takes them out just to have sex with them, but most of the time they blow him off after the first or second encounter. I think they know he is only about sex with them and nothing more. We have had 3 somes with other chicks and he always ends up asking the ones he is seeing if they are bi, so sometimes they find out he has a girlfriend. Am I crazy for wanting to stay in this relationship or do I really need to calm down and trust what he tells me?
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