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thanks for the kind words I enjoy talking with you also.

I completely understand your remark about becoming the best "you"... you can be. I started this a few yrs ago as a result of marriage counseling. I really couldn't wait for or expect any change from my wife. And after doing all the assigned reading and lots of self discovery on what made me feel better my perspective or attitude changed. As a result lots things changed for the better. I'm sure you have seen this shift as well. I must admit I'm not as religious about it as you....daily...but I try to be mindful of that goal often.

Your interest in poly has been there for a long time.... exploring the possibility of women and the resulting reason for the opp. When you posted that I thought you were saying he was going out and having partners but you could only enjoy women..... and now I can't understand how I could have got that picture.... I'm blaming it on my lens...

Now I do understand the concept of the opp. Not sure I agree with it but I get it. I just think if you remove gender from the equation sex is sex.

Do you have a green light to explore those female relationships or is that something that has to be hashed out with the team? In the bigger tribes or constellations or whatever they are called I see it as that scene in animal house where there's a picture up on the screen and everyone gets to vote and throw stuff at image they disapprove of.


where ya been? ....Thanks again for the explanation of your user name..
I did post a couple of comments/questions on the "primary" thread used the SN moniker so you may have missed it.

As for what blackunicorn said about being poster children. Definitely the poster children for sticking it and trying to solve the hard problems. You should all be commended for that. Today commitments are more or less disposable you should be proud of that.
Take care D
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