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Default How do I ask my Boyfriend for tri???

I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now, we are very much in love and very happy together. I started university locally in September last year and met a girl on my course i really got on with, we would go out have some drinks and laughs. One night we had, maybe a little more to drink than usual and we ended up having an amazing experience together, this was my first experience with another girl and I was amazed by it. The next morning when i woke up next to her I didnt regret a thing.
I didnt tell my boyfriend about it, but told her i had a boyfriend, she was fine with this and wanted to continue with the fun and suggested a 3some. I'd never had a 3some and thought yea why not. I asked my boyfriend one night if he fancied going out for a drink so we did and "accidently" bumped into my friend, we all had drinks and went to a club, we all danced and got flirty, at the end of the night we went back my and my boyfriends place for after drinks. We generally chatted and got onto the subject of a 3some, eventually we did all end up in bed together and it was incredible!
We have done this 3 times since then and i am starting to fall for her and im still in love with him.
She is living in halls on the university at the moment and I want to ask my boyfriend if he would consider a triad relationship and maybe let her move in with us, do u think he would be ok with this?? How could I ask him?? I just worried that he will be angry because I am falling in love with someone else?
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