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@Magdlyn @nycindie

Ok I'm gonna refer to other girl as "R"

1. R lives in our home city, but she's not from there and we live right now 5 hours away (yay for moving for jobs).

2. My fiancee and R are the only band members, he's been a solo musician since he was a young teen.

3. B/c of where we live they do all their band stuff via Skype and IM chatting.

R is supposed to be visiting us next work on music stuff. I want to write out some conditions I have for them and confront them over everything. I want to lay down everything I feel I have a right to thank to you all.

I also want to direct my fiancee to this forum b/c if he thinks this is what he wants then he better start doing some reading...I'm not going to be responsible for everything and I really think that he needs to take some action and proving whether or not this is what he wants.
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