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Originally Posted by Hades36 View Post
but how do you let go of someone that you truly are in love with? Its such a tragic irony: having the other woman in my life will destroy my marriage, not having her in my life may destroy me.
Generally, amidst great resentment and pain. ;(

Originally Posted by PLove View Post
Any advice you can offer to me is greatly appreciated!
Welcome to the board. You have a huge heart. You deserve a gentle welcome.

I was the cheater.
My husband Maca was the one more in your shoes (except he's absolutely straight and I cheated with a man).

Our situation was much more horrible than what you (and your husband) have described.(not saying yours isn't very very painful, just admitting I was much more of a screw up than your husband appears to have been). But, somehow, we managed to get through most of it. It's taken 18 months to find a reasonable balance, but we have.

If you have ANY questions or need suggestions or help understanding something, please, feel free to PM me (either of you, or both together better yet).
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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