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Hi everyone, I am new here too! I am part of what I now know as a triad, a 'V' and have felt many of the things Jerry has. My partners and I ( my husband and girlfriend, who is also on here as Sweetie) wanted too much, too bad and too quickly. We have separate homes and had mostly 'lived' together on weekends. During this summer we tried more extended time together and all was good for a couple weeks, but the longer together the tougher it got. I make no excuse, I know it was me not voicing my feelings and allowing them instead to become a bone of contention. I read things in that weren't really there, but because I didnt communicate how I felt I didnt even give my partners a chance to understand how I felt. I too felt less loved, desired, cared for etc...but the truth of the matter was I needed to voice it rather than fill in my own blanks. The problem for me was I was missing one on one time. We needed to slow down a bit and look at what did and didnt work for us....when were we the happiest. For us....we needed time alone, one on one time and time together, thats hard to achieve when all under one roof. Having the BF and son now staying with you has to be hard to find alone time with just you and your partner. Healthy relationships need down time as well as together time, you HAVE to make time for yourself as well as the ones you love. All I know for sure is ....for us....its worth it!
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