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Sorry. You have always been very clear on that topic, and you were then as well. I guess when I was trying to remember the details I had the thought of adding another person to that camping dynamic.... as a mental exercise ... just a female biker buddy... ok hot blond female biker buddy ....non sexual of coarse. The thread you had started had all those posting and very few them actually on topic...and no one thought to go down that road. What I mean is no one tried to convince you to change in that way just change in so far as your boundary. I know this seems unrelated. However I have had discussions with my wife along these lines. I have started to moved toward being open to the possibility of dating and or relationships.


I'm truly glad you have not taken offense to anything of my questions or comments because that is not my intention. As you know getting the full picture from short sentences is hard.

I think I now understand how maca could have wound up dead... I hope you have talked to a professional for that as well.

Don't get the opp in principal. Seem unfair or unbalanced. Was that before the poly journey ? GG a man right?

Who's got the desire to get revenge?

glad you found something funny.... and that's how it feels sometime.

Take care and good luck D
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