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Originally Posted by Lunshbox View Post
So do I go against every fiber of my being and open our marriage to make her happy? Do I become bitter and resentful of her because she "forced" me to do something that I would never ask of her ( know this is up to me, but like many have said, feelings are valid if they effect your life that much)? I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would never stay in a relationship that made me unhappy. The kicker is that I have fallen in love with her so hard and deep that I am not sure I would ever be happy without her. A Catch-22, as it were. Do I tell her I can't do it and then have the knowledge that for as long as we are together that she will never be completely happy? She has said that she could never leave me, but she also told me that she could never be poly.

I am stuck and I don't know what to do. Help me.
it sounds like its all way to soon to decide anything. 4 days is only, well, 4 days! Some of us have taken years to figure where we are at. Its the journey, not the destination.

I'm glad you are reading some stuff. I suggest you do a tag search on stuff that interests you. There are a lot of things to become accustom to and change your mind set about in order to comprehend what goes on for poly people. Especually those in mono poly relatuonships. If that is in fact what you are thinking. I saw "unicorn" somewhere in here... I confess, I have not read everything... You might want to do a tag search for that if its crossed your mind.

Anyway, others seem to be giving you some thoughts... Good luck.
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