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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Okay, so I am solo and dating.
Me too.
I struggle with an incredibly busy diary...

I use the calender in microsoft office @ my place of work. I sync this to google I have my schedule available on all my computers (I have 3 in various locations!!)

So, my life depends on outlook/google calender.
Everything is entered...I even schedule my music practice (7.35am - 8.15am daily !!)
I sync the calenders to my cell phone calender/diary, which is set up to remind me of events both 2 hours and 15 mins before the event is scheduled to start..

But yet...sometimes when I hear the reminder going off I find myself thinking - "oh dear, where am I supposed to be and with whom?"

I used to have a seperate system for work and social...but it's more practical using the one system for both..It just means my work colleagues can see my whole life (I'm not bothered by that) - They need to see my calender as they book time with me...

It just means they spend time saying;
"oh...who's Victor?"
"oh, who's Tom?"

And I spend time saying - Yeah...I'm sure I told you about him...
Mind you, of late I've found when I'm trying to "find time" to catch up with people...I look through diary and find a space that may be 16 days away.

"Yes, would love to see you. Are you free on the evening of the 13th March?"
Which generally leads to "I have no idea as that's 16 days away...was sort of thinking this week?"

Everyone just rolls their eyes at me now....
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