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Dingedheart-no problem replying. I'm a social butterfly!

Seriously though-I've taken no offense at any of your questions or thoughts. It is painful to regale the world of my "crimes", but, each time I do, I also feel a little relief, for the knowledge of being honest and true. That's critical for my happiness.

Thank you for the comment on the tat, it's not finished, but I do greatly love it.

There will be much to experience, good and bad alike in my future, just as in my past. That's ok, it's my life and trading it in would be death.

The most recent therapist is awesome, he specializes in trauma, followed by relationships. THAT has been A GODSEND for Maca. The ability to address trauma in a way that minimizes the actualy traumatic experience while doing so is critical in dealing with the shit he's been through.

OPP=One Penis Policy, ok to add women, not ok to add other men.

Yes, the desire to get "revenge" is real. It's ironic that so few people recognize the true revenge that is reaped when you "sow" forgiveness.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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