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LovingRadiance .... Hair color and brand of bike not that big of deal...teeth and nice ass ... yur in plus you have what looks to be a killer tat. That alone gets ya in...

I almost wish I hadn't asked because I now see what you have in front of you in so many areas of your life.

I was just kidding I don't think any kind of an affair or relationship could justify that type of violence. I could see trading a few punches with GG though.

I understand your comment concerning the therapist.... my wife got similar guidance.... unfortunately going into her childhood is way to painful for her to face. She hated going to therapy because it took several days to recover form the sessions. So I completely understand his and your situation.

Whats opp ??? He wanted opp.

I wasn't suggesting having an outside relationship as punishing my wife or Maca with you. What I was saying was in a very small way have some of the feelings that we were forced to have.... and with truly poly people that's impossible like you said didn't work. But whether it works or not is got nothing to do with motivation. Even the perceived loss real or not still a motivation.

Got to run.... but thanks for the reply
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