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Mono pros:

1) to quote a friend, 'You only have to date one person you know really well'. I really hate dating, although I love going on dates. But it's very time-consuming and frustrating for the most part.

2) I don't like falling in love. I become a totally different person, a gfzilla if you will. 'What? You want to move to the country side, have two kids and get married? Well why not, that's what I've always wanted too!' (I'm anti-marriage, don't want to get pregnant and am terrified of living in a big house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by AXE-MURDERERS preying on innocent families in their countryside houses).

I consulted a psychiatrist after having my first date with my ex-bf. I explained to him all the symptoms I was having; heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, lack of appetite. Then I nearly cried out 'I'm having a panic attack all over again! This was too early, I KNEW it was too early after my last attack to get involved with someone'. At that point he looked at me kindly and said; 'I think your problem is that you have fallen in love. I'm no expert, I mean I've been married for a while now, but I don't think I ever had a 9-hour-long first date. I am afraid medicine can do nothing for you at this point.'

I mean, I seriously don't like falling in love. Too much like a panic attack, that feels.

3) There is a much larger available dating pool if you're looking for monoships.

Poly pros:

1) I'm bisexual and would feel caged making a life-time exclusivity commitment to just one gender.

2) I'm very sexual and sometimes feel like a huge bully/rapist when with somebody who doesn't initiate sex as often as I do.

3) Some people feel very insecure by my lack of jealousy, and feel that if I really loved them, I would 'fight for them'.
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