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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Just getting my head out of the idea that monogamy(emotional and physical) was the only RIGHT way to live has been such a huge relief to me. I don't quite understand it, I don't have any interest in dating, nor do I (or my husband) have any potential prospects, so it's not about my need to add someone else. I think it is more about allowing myself to just be and allowing my husband to make friends and connections with others in a way that is natural to him, without feeling like I should be jealous.

Not sure what your wife was thinking, but the idea of finding a "unicorn" (either gender) for a triad with myself and my husband does have great appeal, even if it is completely unrealistic. Makes for nice fantasies though .
Thank you for your response. See, I am actually not opposed to the idea of polyamory. I think it can work and it does work. I just don't think it is right for me. When I say it isn't right for me, I mean that it isn't the kind of relationship I want to be involved in at all. I would never say that wouldn't change and that I would someday like and enjoy being poly. I know it is a lot to demand of anyone, especially since I have never demanded anything from anyone, but the kind of relationship i am accustomed to (accustomed is the right word) is monogamy on the part of both partners. I know that I am still not getting some aspects of polyamory through my thick skull. Hopefully that will change with time.

As for the unicorn, i haven't brought that up with my wife. I would be more open to that than anything else at least to start. But I agree that it is probably completely unrealistic.
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