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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I think you and your wife are in a privileged position to start your poly journey (if you so choose) because nobody wants to get involved with anybody else right now
This! I am somewhat in the same position as your wife, except I haven't yet had the guts to broach the subject with my husband yet. We are working on some serious issues in our marriage and basically re-learning who each other is. I will bring it up when I feel we have reached a stronger place, but the information I have found here, especially on communication, has been invalueable toward improving our realtionship.

Just getting my head out of the idea that monogamy(emotional and physical) was the only RIGHT way to live has been such a huge relief to me. I don't quite understand it, I don't have any interest in dating, nor do I (or my husband) have any potential prospects, so it's not about my need to add someone else. I think it is more about allowing myself to just be and allowing my husband to make friends and connections with others in a way that is natural to him, without feeling like I should be jealous.

Not sure what your wife was thinking, but the idea of finding a "unicorn" (either gender) for a triad with myself and my husband does have great appeal, even if it is completely unrealistic. Makes for nice fantasies though .
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