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I think you and your wife are in a privileged position to start your poly journey (if you so choose) because nobody wants to get involved with anybody else right now. From what I've read from the forums, most poly situations start with one partner in a monogamous couple falling for somebody else. Major complications almost always follow.

You probably already have talked to your wife about this, but keep on talking. What does she want? What do you want? What would be acceptable? What is entirely off-limits? What doesn't feel comfy, but maybe not entirely off-limits?

People who are actively parts of a couple could probably be of more help in this. I think many people who manage to have sustainable monoships with sex life and the works already have many of the communication skills needed to consider this transition. You compromise all the time; what to watch on the telly? What to cook tonight? Are we going for your or my favourite position tonight? Where to go on our next holiday?

These examples might seem really trivial, but basically, a lot of the time relationships are about resolving conflicts. So you both would want to view a different programme from the family telly but they are in the same time slot, and you totally hate her favourite show and you hers? Maybe you get another telly? TiVo? Give their show a go? Download yours from the internet? Go to your neighbours who like your show to watch with them?
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