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Is there a way we can make this work?

I'm a mono and I know it. I want both of us to be happy. I'm not ready to just walk away from this relationship. It's not just about him and me, our families are close. They have all bounded, we've become one big family. I'm really afraid what other family members would say if they found out.

I want to know how we can start slow. What do we do? What restrictions am I reasonably allowed to set right now?

If I let him escort her to events she doesn't want to go to alone, albeit they don't have sex is that unfair. Am I allowed to say right now they are not allowed to kiss? Should I confront her about hogging up all his time? Should I talk to her in person about it?

I want us to try and work this out. I don't think just walking away is right, and would be a huge mistake if we didn't try to work it out.

How slow is too slow?

Sorry I know I'm bombarding you all with questions. I just really need to be able to talk to somebody...and here feels safe.
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