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Originally Posted by yoxi View Post
What I've found since last summer is that even if I'm somewhere really safe on my own, sitting still with closed eyes means just listening to an inner voice repeating "this isn't safe! this isn't safe!" - and that's without the panic and lack of concentration issues. Sitting even in a house that I know someone else is in is not a goer.
Hi Yoxi,

{{{Hugs}}} for what you're going through.

Would this help...............

Part of the training and understanding of meditation is the ability to disconnect and be the 'observer'. This 'observer' is the TRUE self. It has the capacity to observe, acknowledge these thoughts and emotions as being present but NOT ATTACH to them. I'm sure you understand this ?

The 'observer' can take the thought/emotion of "this isn't safe" and simply note is as "interesting". An "interesting" little chemical reaction taking place in our brain that has OBVIOUSLY no connection to reality. It's fine. Two tbsp of water, 3 of vinegar, one of lemon juice - this is what you get ! A "thought" made of nothing more than vapor. Interesting formation - but no real substance.

Practicing this skill and understanding is how we reprogram our brains to chemically balance the way they are supposed to. It's a little slow at first sometimes but can snowball pretty quickly. First thing we know, we look back and say "Wow - that used to REALLY bother me - wonder when exactly that stopped" !

Best wishes to you and keep focused.

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