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What Derby said.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Just so you know... this is WAY FUCKING HARDER than you think... When you love someone a lot, you want to give to them, experience every part of them. Take them in,,, breath them in... it sometimes consumes you. To have constraints on that can sometimes twist in your head. It's VERY easy to rationalize and even decide that your other love is full of shit when you are in a moment that seemingly has no return.
RP I'm glad you said this.

@Ladyintricate, I'm willing to bet that they didn't tell you, because they truly believed that even though they screwed up once that they wouldn't do it again (even if they eventually did) and telling you WOULD only bring you hurt and neither really wanted to hurt you. They were also probably very ashamed of their actions. My husband and I even as of a few hours ago, still stuggle with similar issues, where he doesn't tell me stuff to "save" my feelings. It's not right, I hate it, but it happens and I get it.

as they say in Canada "keep your stick on the ice" (that is so fucking lame! What kind of saying is that... GAUD!)
HeHe, I'm an So Cal girl and I get this quote. Not lame, if your stick is on the ice, your still in the game and the puck is in play, you have not given up. Now someone want to tell me how we here is Los Angeles have 2 Hockey teams, 2 Basketball teams, and 2 Baseball teams but NO Football team, there is just something wrong with that.

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