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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
People know what lying is, and he knew that he was going to hurt you. Even if there was no happy choice available, he knew that he was taking an action that he shouldn't and he has to accept the consequences of his actions. He lied, he cheated, he knew he was destroying trust. He has to face the fact that the consequences are not going to be fun for him. And I don't accept that he couldn't love this woman and not have sex with her.
I agree with you lemon, but he's not on here asking for advice about what to do. She can't do ANYTHING about him, who he is or what he does, except attempt to understand it as best as possible in order to make a choice as to where she wants to go with her life.

Believe me you-if HE were the one posting, I'd be ALL OVER the fact that he needs to stop lying to HIMSELF so that he can stop lying to HER and move on to having a happy life.
Just like I had to.
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