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Originally Posted by Rarechild View Post
Ah, but there is truth to that "reasoning". You are feisty, River.
Reason breaks down when pseudo reasoning takes over. Pseudo reasoning often involves making "whole truths" out of half truths and partial truths of smaller percentages. Rand is doing this to the hilt, all over the place.

She falsely divides individuals from their communities and then sets community against individuals. Yes, sometimes this happens, but quite the opposite can and does also happen. Rand's propagandistic purpose doesn't allow for such "muddyness," as she'd call it if pressed. Only the isolated (atomistic) ego is authentic and free in Rand's tale.

She portrays all acts of generosity and kindness as pure forms of self-interest (selfishness), bargains or deals cut at best. As if we who live in the real world are not rather motivated by a complex blend of self interest and compassion, kindness, generosity--altruism. In Rand's world, there is no love -- only self-seeking.

This is a forum about love and loving. Surely we here do believe in it?
"Love is always a matter of learning how to live in an unknown land."

"Love is always about learning the Nature of things."

-- MartÝn Prechtel

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