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Originally Posted by River View Post
This is how this sort of "reasoning" hits my ears. I'd compare it to...

Firefighters are arsonists at heart because they get their pictures taken and plastered all over newspapers, where they can be held up as heros.

How can you reason with people who say shit like that?
Ah, but there is truth to that "reasoning". You are feisty, River.

Yes, probably every firefighter was influenced into their vocation in past because firemen are heroes that get attention and are respected, of course rightly so. Culturally, firefighter is in the top three answers for "What do you want to be when you grow up?", I'm pretty sure.

I think rather than self-full or selfish, it is more of a case of self-interested. A person's sphere of influence can be more impactful and genuine when self-interest is clearly expressed and reciprocal in an interaction with a person or a community.

For example, I am a member with a certain national service commission (that is under threat of being cut from the fed. budget) serving with a certain non-profit international affordable housing operation and so I get to do the "altruism" thing every day.

My self-interest is very much engaged, however. I learn all manner of things, do satisfying, palatable work, get to write, get to teach, have a flexible schedule, work with all sorts, build my reputation and my resume blah, blah, and get a scholarship when it's all over. The people I work with get to utilize my talents, members of my community have new homes, blah, blah, everybody wins. (I am much more emotionally invested than the blahs may imply, but for the sake of the example...)

@Charlie-Didn't get to read the Rand yet, but I'll get to it.

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