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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
A lot of my issues and questions are sexual in nature. I feel unsure that I can talk about this here--I wouldn't go into huge detail, but is that okay here?
As a volunteer moderator I have access to the secret dark chambers that non-moderators do not. It was Olivier who created this site and who sets the basic rules, and this is what he says about what may and may not be said in here:

Moderation guidelines:

Maintaining an upbeat, sharing and loving community where people help, respect and care for each other.

- Explicit language, as long as it is used within the right context
- Cussing, as a manner of self expression
- Mentioning other polyamory sites and sharing useful sites/links


So, yes, you can talk about sex. You're pretty free here to do so as you wish. My own advice would be to talk about sex with us here in a way that you think to be respectful of others present and sensitive to the purpose of this site. Thanks!

I'll talk with Olivier about posting a more detailed dos and don'ts thingy for newcomers.

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