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Default New Mono Here and New to Poly

I am a mono female who is trying to figure out if I can be in a poly relationship.

I have a long post (sorry) about the specfic details that brought me to thinking about poly under the New to Poly section if you want to look. I will try to keep it short here.

My husband and I are extremely close and love eachother very much. We have been married now for 12 years and have 2 kids. Recently he came to the conclusion that he is poly and has been all of his life, but hiding it from me and himself because he felt it was wrong. He told me this and that he wants to try and explore this about himself.

I am trying to figure out what all of this means and will mean for his, my, and our childrens' lives and happiness.

I know that I am mono, but I also know that I love my husband and I want us to both be happy. I am hoping I can find some wisdom here (and I already have, thanks!) about some possible roads we can take to get there for both of us. I already feel so much better after reading the posts here because I see that I am not alone (even though society tries to make it seem that way).

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