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“The creators were not selfless. It is the whole secret of their power—that it was self-sufficient, self-motivated, self-generated. A first cause, a fount of energy, a life force, a Prime Mover. The creator served nothing and no one. He lived for himself.
And only by living for himself was he able to achieve the things which are the glory of mankind. Such is the nature of achievement.
What is the difference between healthy self-fullness and selfishness? The selffull one does not live "for himself" as if he (or she) were apart from the rest. She is true to her unique experience and being without living folded in upon herself, self-centered and self-seeking only. He's a member and participant in his society without losing himself in it. He knows when and how to form solidarity with others in pursuing common goals and addressing common needs. He has integrity -- which means that he's authentically himself and whole, both. An attribute of his wholeness is his having won his individuality without having lost his bond with humanity and the rest of the living world.
"Love is always a matter of learning how to live in an unknown land."

"Love is always about learning the Nature of things."

-- Martín Prechtel

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