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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I can't say that I find myself in your circumstance, however, my sister has on numerous occasions!

I agree that if I weren't in a romantic relationship that the "most missed" component, would be the cuddling.

There was a time, before I married, when I was the ominous "single" girl. But I was also a single parent and I think that saved me some. Because I always had that wonderful little Spicy Pea to cuddle up with!

I tell you what-aside from the sexual part of a relationship;
kids are the bomb and no man can compete!

The love my kids give me, the daily affection-hugs, kisses, cuddles etc... they just don't run out! They are like little walking romantic lovebugs! They'll color you pics, write you cards.. they share everything...

Too damn bad I'm such a sexual creature huh?
"kids are the bomb and no man can compete!" - I couldn't agree more! Also substituting "woman" for "man". Kids give their love with a full heart. It's a shame that society trains them to restrict that love to ONE person. (LovingRadiance, see my 2nd post on Annabel's thread.)
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