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People who 'hurry up' to get around you so they can stop at the next red light! I just grin at these. I usually manage to govern my speed so I don't have to stop at most of the stop lights, lol. If they'd stayed behind me in the first place they would have made the GREEN light .

People who pass me illegally. We have a law here where you aren't supposed to pass a city bus that is dropping off/picking up passengers where the road is two lanes. I stop and wait, meanwhile the moron behind me decides he knows better and goes around me AND the bus!

Other drivers, on general principle. A couple of months ago I was at a four way stop, second in line. There was a tractor trailer at the sign on the left waiting to turn right. The car in front of me took its turn & I stopped far enough back for him to make his turn safely. He started his turn & this MORON behind me comes from behind me and nearly front ends the truck because he could NOT WAIT for the truck to finish the turn! The joke was on him though as he ended up having to stop and wait any way, lol.

People who pass me doing more than 50 kph over the speed limit! Those times I wish there were a cop around! If you're caught doing 50 or more over the limit your vehicle is impounded, you lose your license and all your points!
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