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So I *thought* I was doing better...

Yesterday was Beth's birthday. Our friend, V, went to Beth's birthday party. The day before yesterday I was missing Beth, and sad, and got crabby at Mal. Yesterday, I missed her so bad that I was near tears all morning - I couldn't concentrate at all in my morning class. I called V and had her pick me up and bring me home around lunch time (I skipped my afternoon class). Yesterday afternoon, after Mal came home, he let me watch P.S. I Love You and cuddle and sob in his arms until his shirt was drenched. Then we went out and had a snow fight. I felt a lot better after that, but by last night again I was just sad, and again all day today. It's been almost 4 months and I can't stop thinking about her.

I'm thinking I might go to the counselors at my college and talk to somebody. I'm worried about running in to someone that's not poly friendly and tries to blame all my problems on wanting / trying poly, but on the other hand it could help.
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