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Originally Posted by conchordian View Post
You ruined my introduction. Are you really trying to stifle me before I've even done anything reprehensible? Or assuming I will for sure, at some point do something reprehensible? The assumption that I wouldn't read other debates or use the forum appropriately also does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Apologize immediately!
I am in no way apologetic for my suggestion, the thought is rather confusing actually.

What do I need to apologize about? I was trying to help. We often have peope arrive on this door step who don't know to look around and read first. If you have already read or are, then great, you're ahead of the game and I would think have lots of comments and thoughts already.

I am wondering if you are angry? Frustrated? Ready to lash out on anyone that is poly because they are to blame? Is this so? If so, that's fine, I will seperate myself from that as it is not mine to own. Please, go ahead and tell us how you feel. It might mean you can move forward with th issues at hand.
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