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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Ha! I know I've tried not to accept being dumped in the past and it never worked. How is that possible? The dumper says, "This is it," and I've said, "I can't accept that," but all I got were looks that said, "What are you crazy? I'm breaking up with you, you can't do anything about it!" And, of course, I knew it was just a last-ditch effort on my part to salvage it, but how can anyone say, "Oh, all right. I won't break up with you now, since you don't want me to." HUH????

It doesn't make alot of sense to me, except to say that the first time she cried, he felt bad, they ended up sleeping together, and he "couldn't go through with it" because they'd just screwed... since then he's managed to break up with her 4 more times, each time it's lasted less than a month and all the while she was telling him that he wasn't really giving their relationship a chance, that he wasn't being fair, that he needed to put in as much effort as she is, etc.... mind you, she's a foreign national, here on a student visa, they've been dating for 5 years and are very different people, and have little in common (she resents his gaming and there is a language barrier), but she wants to marry him and seems to make him feel like there was an expectation of marriage down the road because he slept with her to begin with.
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