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Originally Posted by conchordian View Post
You ruined my introduction. Are you really trying to stifle me before I've even done anything reprehensible? Or assuming I will for sure, at some point do something reprehensible? The assumption that I wouldn't read other debates or use the forum appropriately also does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Apologize immediately!
Are you serious about this? You come on here, saying that you disagree with everything that has anything to do with polyamory and then get offended that someone said that maybe you should read around a little before starting a debate? How is that in the least bit offensive? Really, coming on here and saying that you are planning on criticizing every point we use to "justify" our choices is much more offensive then a gentle suggestion to read around and see if your points have been covered before.

edited to add: the reason I put justify in quotes is that it reads very much, to me, that you feel that this is a bad lifestyle choice for anyone and that anything we say in support of it is just an excuse used to refuse to take responsibility for our own bad actions. While I would totally agree with the idea that not everyone who claims to practice polyamory does so in an open, ethical way, there are plenty of people who do, balancing our lives so that none of our loved ones get hurt. To say that all of us are wrong and "bad" for practicing it is extremely offensive, at the very least to me.

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