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I talked to Claudia and said, I don't want to be in a relationship with her for the next months and that in any way, I won't be mono. She should first deal with her problems without blaming me and second consider, if she wants to be in a poly relationship. She kind of ignored what I said and refused my suggestions. I'm visiting a friend in a different city, where I met an internet aquaintance, Lisa, who is in an open relationship. We got along very well and even though we both didn't plan to, we made love, which was very special and harmonic. This date made me feel very good. Her friend, Norman (who yet lives in another city) , wasn't very happy about what happened, because Lisa had informed him only very vaguely in advance, what was going on and what might happen. I talked a long time with Norman at the phone and I think it was good for both of us. Now I'm kind of anxious to talk to Claudia again, when I'm home or may be, I'll just wait until she calls. How do you think did I manage the situation and what else could I do?
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