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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Ok, I have a question......I have noticed (a LOT) that thinner women, usually prefer While...."thicker" women, have a tendency to prefer......thinner men.

It is very unusual to see a thin man, with a thin woman....not as uncommon, is the robust man, with a thicker woman....But still not as common as thin with thick.

Now, I PREFER my women to be a bit thicker. Not obese....just some more meat on their bones.
My cousin and I have cracked jokes about this for years. Tall guys, small girls, big guys, tiny girls etc. I started to realize it was where I lived and the people I hung out with. Outside of the small range of people I knew then, I saw far more diversity.

When I used to go to the swinger clubs with my wife, we would ALWAYS see obese men....sweating away while huffing and puffing on top of a skinny woman....Who was apparently LOVING it.
Diversity? I am a bigger guy, According to BMI I am obese. (although I do actually carry it quite well coming from power lifting, a lot more muscle than the average bear)

I'm of the "thinner" crowd. Some thicker people seem to think that because I'm "skionny", my life should be all peaches and creame. WRONG! Just like an obese person has to endure the ribbing of "HAHA! You're SO FAT!" and other WAY more hurtful things, I have to endure the opposite "Hey chicken legs" and "Damn...You better hold on to something heavy or you might blow away because you're so skinny!". I wrong for having a specific "taste" in women, and the type of men my wife likes?
Nope, we all have tastes. There is nothing wrong with it.

I realize this makes me "shallow". However, if a person is content with their own weight, why the heck should they care what I think?
There is a difference between being disinterested and being an ass. People were asses to you. Girls who have made comments about my size were asses too. That guy that tells the chubby chick she is fat and he isn't interested is also an ass.

I have a thing for intelligence. Physical shape rarely means much to me. I have been around smoking hot models, if they couldn't hold up their end of the conversation, I walked away. Well not that rudely, but it was an immediate sign of disinterest.

I would say, remain open minded though, you might be surprised. Locking yourself into something because of a physical look, well... you are limiting yourself imho...

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