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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
This is a really great and important point Bella.

But it also can serve as a good "needy" detector. We all want and need time and interaction with those we care about. But when lack of time starts to cause real problems it can be a signal of a (possibly) growing dependency.
Good point. Even though my time with my husband is in some ways legitimately limited because our work schedules differ, it's true that when he started dating someone else and I freaked out about our lack of time together when I finally got to the point where I could think about it rationally I stopped and said "Wait a second. I used to be really good about spending time alone. What happened?" When you are in a monogamous relationship and really love the person you are with, it's easy to want to spend all your free time together. You can start to forget who you are alone and how to enjoy solo activities. It's kind of nice that I'm rediscovering some of hobbies that have been neglected over the last few years because they aren't things my husband and I can do together.
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