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Default Considering Poly, any advise?

So, here's a quick background.

About two years ago I was introduced to an interesting article/essay on poly, i've been in a monogamous relationship since then but its recently come to an end, because of my lack of a) wanting a stereotypical relationship with all of the boundaries and social expectations and b) not really liking the idea of long term monogamous commitment that is often required for 'relationships'to work.

Anyway what I'm saying is that I have a very non conventional view of what a relationship is/should be...but obviously most other people don't.

It's come about in the last few weeks that a friend of mine has feelings for me (and I for him for around 7 years) but I very much do not want an exclusive relationship, we've been going on as usual with some very nice intimate moments in between,
so here's my question/dilema. I've discussed with my friend the fact that I am not conventional etc, that I would not want exclusivity and would not expect it in return, but I'm still somewhat guided by social 'norms' and fear hurting him/ruining our friendship if it carries on and the idea of poly can't be accepted etc.

so fire away, help me out here because atm I have no idea about where the next move should take us/me.
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