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I tend to agree, but I think a lot of introspection will rule out many possible paths. For example, if a person chooses to believe in a god who helps people, then they need to figure out why that god did not help out a child dieing in a mudslide or from hunger.

Or if there is a soul, what does it do? If it is the seat of morality, then why does brain damage change some people's morality and beliefs?

I think this is a very hard thing to do because humans are not naturally very logical about beliefs and worldview. It is very hard to question that which we may hold dear. But I think it does give peace in the long term.

For me, I lost all my religious beliefs and tend to think in more scientific terms because of this. However, that is not the only consistent possibility. One guy I met was a deist. That religious view tends to be very easy to support. Another person I talked to was a Christian who believed that God was so far beyond understanding that allows for many different paths to discover him which covers every religion as well as atheism.
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