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Thank you, Cindie, for your input. It's very much appreciated.

I'm hoping by being myself, and showing hubby every day how much I love and appreciate him that he will eventually grow more comfortable. That while so many things have changed, the foundation of what we are hasn't. We are still a solid team, full of love and respect for each other. I know that I couldn't imagine my life without him and part of what scares me in all of this. I do have a fear that he will say he can't handle this and leave me. At the same time I could never push him that far, so I fear that I will have to give up this found part of me.

I'm trying to take each day at a time, talking to him as much as possible and keeping everything out there on the table. This is probably one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding experiences I've had in my life.
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