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I don't believe in sharing details, and I would really like to not know details about Easy and Asha that I don't already know--just, you know, I think it would make me feel *more* like I was being compared, or that maybe Easy was telling me so that I would change what I was doing.

What helped me was to be able to think about it from my own perspective. When I get afraid that Easy wishes I would do X or that Asha does Y better or just that Easy enjoys his time with Asha better, it really helped me to stop and think about my time with Sunday. I don't compare them. I enjoy different things about them. They kiss *very* differently, but there's not a chance I would like either of them to change that! I would be so sad if I had to give up one of them. If I'm not actually comparing the two of them, then it seems likely that Easy isn't comparing me and Asha, either.

Plus, love is so much more than physical sensation. I don't love either Easy, Asha, or Sunday for sex. (Though I'd cry if I never got to have sex again.)
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