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My date with Sunday didn't happen. He called to cancel, telling me that a mutual friend--Asha's best friend--was in the hospital for chest pains. (He's going through a divorce and it was his wife's birthday, so we were pretty sure that he was suffering anxiety, but better safe than sorry) The date didn't get rescheduled, I presume because he was busy. Asha was fairly sick, so sick that I was picking the kids up from school, so I'm going to have to assume he had a lot on his mind. Sunday said we would try again this week, but I'm horribly busy this week, so now I'm debating cancelling some of the activities I have planned in order to get this date taken care of. But really I'm against that--I didn't plan the activities to spite anyone, and they were there first. Anyway, I haven't heard any specific dates mentioned yet so I'll have to wait and see what happens. I spoke to Asha earlier and she's much more ill now, so I think there's a possibility that this week won't happen either. I'm not sure how I feel about it, because it's triggering an older issue I used to have with Easy. He would cancel repeatedly, always for a "good" reason, but the end result was that my needs would go by the wayside. I think I'm doing okay with dealing with the trigger, which is a huge step forward for me if it holds. I keep telling myself that I'm in control, that if I don't make the priority list at some point then *I will take care of myself*. It helps to have Easy to shower some attention on me when I want it, though. Maybe that's cheating.

Because Asha was so sick and Easy was out of work for nearly a week with his own illness, I requested that we not spend the weekend at Asha and Sunday's house. Easy resisted, but eventually gave in, so I had a lot of guilty. I know he and Asha don't get a lot of time together, and there was a possiblity that he'd already been exposed to what she had. It helps to know that she probably wasn't feeling up for company anyway, and honestly we can't afford for him to lose any more time from work.

I had more to write about earlier, but as is typical of me, by the time I get time to write I've forgotten what it was.
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