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Originally Posted by polymono View Post
I dont really understand what you mean with part of the difficulty related to new relationship and more or less in love... how is it that this is part of the difficulty ? Can you elaborate? Thanks!
In my understanding (and experience) of New Relationship Energy, there is a strong tendency of 'not being able to get enough of your partner'. When you are not with them, you want to get a text from them, or want to call them, or just daydream about them. Everything seems dull and gray in comparison. You want to be with that special person so bad that you're almost angry with everyone else who's not them. Long-distance makes it so much harder, because it takes so long to get used to them being there - every time you see each other, is a little like falling in love all over again.

So knowing your partner has someone who gets to spend time with them when you don't? Green-eyed monsters have been let loose for lot less.
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