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We guys by nature are less communicative, I would agree. The biggest hurdle I've seen is just in our thinking that everything we do now affects an extra body, not just the two of us. It's much easier I think because we all do share a house together. No one is ever very far from our minds. My wife is super great at that, always considering how our 3rd is going to share in what we are doing. It seems to be a familiarity thing. I bet once your hubby and Mono have been best buds for a couple of years or when the three of you move in together, it'll happen with more regularity.

Speaking of my wife, she gets back tomorrow....can't wait to see her and hear about her trip to Alaska! It's been great having such a long time together with my OSO (12 days, for the very first time), but we both agree, something is missing in our lives when my wife is not home here with us.

Yes, I can see where the babysitter thing could be a potential problem. There are times when you three def need to be out doing adult things together. It's difficult when one of you must stay back and babysit. I am so thankful that burden is over for us. It's one less stressor on the relationship for all of us. You guys sound like such great parents, spending and teaching so much of the time to your child, maybe he wouldn't mind spending a couple of hours with a slightly older teenage babysitter every now and then???? That way you three could get that adult time out you need.
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