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Default Book "Radical Acceptance" Study and Practice Group

This thread is a reading and study group for the book...

Radical Acceptance:
Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha
By Tara Brach

I'm finding the book intensely useful, powerful, and transformative. No doubt the exciting changes I'm experiencing at this time are as a result of my being ready, of my willingness, my choice, to grow and heal, but the book came to me at just that moment when I was ready and willing to dive deep. I'd like to share the process of working with this excellent and powerful book and teaching.

Just say "Hi" if you're reading the book. And let's share our thoughts and experiences here.

The connection with polyamory seems obvious to me, though this book is in no way about that subject. It is, however, about opening to the adventure of love beyond familiar habits of fear, shame and imagined inadequacy.


Do to an unfortunate accident, an earlier version of this thread was erased. So, if you've posted here before and lost that, please again say Hi to the group. Let's get started afresh.
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