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Thanks Mark! I like it too, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. For the same reasons.

I'm not finding the ESP thing as much as you. I am very intuitive and find it very helpful in foreseeing issues coming up or things unsaid. My men are not so much like that. I have noticed that it's okay when I'm with one of them or the other or both, but when they are off on their own they don't communicate as often as I think is necessary.

They have great time together and for that I am grateful and happy, but I am concerned at the lack of checking in and assumption making. Especially in light of our new situation of having no babysitters. Child care is an issue and we are entering a new phase of one of us having to stay home with the boy. This happened last night and I stayed home. I would of loved to have filled that three pillowed bed last night, but alas the communication was off and assumptions were made on all our parts. Not enough checking in and consideration still working it all out I guess.
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