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Default Good food, good friends, good movie.

Does anyone need more?

We had our get together yesterday!

I didn't think I'd be able to go . I had a debilitating headache which just wouldn't let up or quit. It seems it finally ran its course & left the building some time yesterday afternoon . I heavily medicated myself and went about business as usual knowing that when I get busy I tend to forget about the headache for a while which gives me the break I need from it.

We went, we talked and teased, watched Cutthroat Island, we ate....all that was really asked was that we be gone by 9 as Possibility had something he wanted/needed to do then. We left about 8:30.

Breathes and I each had some alone downtime before coming back together around 10:00 to watch True Blood.

Some cuddle/tickle/play time with Breathes afterward led to some wonderful sex! (Twice in 24 hours! I may faint!)

Woke up headache free! YAY!!!
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